Academics - Forming Our Youth for the Future

Our mission as a private Catholic school is to develop the minds, bodies, and souls of students in accordance with the perennial educational and moral principles of the Roman Catholic Church. Immaculate Heart of Mary Academy provides a structured, traditional, social, and academic environment in which students pursue truth within a rigorous, balanced curriculum, and take active part in the life and liturgy of a thriving community fully committed to developing Christian values. By providing an atmosphere of serious scholarship and Catholic vitality, the Academy strives, as inspired by the motto of the Society of Saint Pius X, to equip students “To restore all things in Christ.”

At the foundation of the education offered at Immaculate Heart of Mary Academy is the idea that human reason can discover and understand an order outside itself, the order created by God. Students receive a thorough and integrated view of this reality through the organic unity of all subjects. They learn to think in an orderly fashion, to speak and write as clearly as they think, and ultimately to judge with wisdom and prudence.

Our Academics Overview shows a visual of our K-12 curriculum. 

K-8 Curriculum Overview (PDF)

9-12 Curriculum Overview (PDF)