Romanitas: what does it mean for Catholics?

March 31, 2015
Source: District of the USA

See how the newest issue of The Angelus covers the important topic of Romanitas.

"Romanitas" is a Latin word that simply means "to be Roman". But this notion takes on a greater significance for Catholics, particularly during this post-conciliar crisis when we are called upon to give witness to our fidelity to the Church and her Faith.

The concept of Romanitas is especially important to the Society of St. Pius X as its founder, Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre, was educated at the fountainhead of Christianity: Rome. His best formative years were spent in the shadow of St. Peter’s Basilica in Rome—thus he would develop a Roman mind, become imbued with a Roman spirit, and filled with a love for Rome which nothing could sever, not even the crisis. As he conveyed to his seminarians and priests:

Ours is the duty to guard this Roman Tradition desired by Our Lord… Our conclusion will be that one cannot be Catholic without being Roman."

The theme of the January-February issue of The Angelus magazine is dedicated to the spirit and practical consequence of Romanitas. Besides the list of contents below, we're offering a glimpse of the most recent issue of The Angelus with a 40-page PDF excerpt of the 88-page magazine, which you can purchase here!

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Contents of January-February 2015 issue of The Angelus

Letter from the Publisher, Fr. Jurgen Wegner

Theme: Romanitas

  • Papacy in Modern Minds, Fr. Daniel Themann, SSPX
  • Rome's Grandeur, Prof. Robert de Mattei
  • Anti-Romanism, Prof. Robert de Mattei
  • Roman Impressions, US pilgrims

Faith and Morals

  • Doctrine: The Choice of Rome, Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre
  • Liturgy: The Papal Profession of Faith, Fr. Christopher Danel
  • Social Doctrine: Dyed-in-the-Wool Roman! Interview with Bishop Tissier de Mallerais


  • Lives of the Saints: Apologia Pro St. Pius V, Fr. Roger-Thomas Calmel, O.P.
  • The Bones of St. Peter, SiSiNoNo

Christian Culture

  • Book Review: Mary in Our Life andThe Golden Door
  • History: Bloodthirsty Indifferentism, Dr. John Dredger
  • Family Life: Who Wants to Set the Table?, SSPX Sisters
  • Missions: Central America, Fr. Lawrence Novak, SSPX
  • Questions and Answers, SSPX priests

News from Tradition

  • Theological Studies: Romanitas, Fr. Jean-Michel Gleize

The Last Word, Fr. Daniel Couture, SSPX

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