Spring Blend coffee from Abbey Roast

March 29, 2016
Source: District of the USA

The Silver City Benedictines have brought back their special gourmet coffee blend for Spring!

The perfection of Abbey Roast's Spring Blend from the Silver City Benedictines has arrived!

Abbey Roast's Spring Blend has 4 interacting Arabica beans: their award-winning Brazilian French Roast is blended with two exotic fruity African Arabicas and an earthy Sumatra, which hits you like a Beethoven Symphony!

An overture of fruitiness quickly changes into an earthy musty motif and finishes with a smooth and mellow grand finale-Adagio! We know that you will be completely won over by this complex but extremely balanced Gourmet Abbey Roast blend! 

And don't forget: Abbey Roast grinds its coffee to order, so that it is delivered as fresh as possible—straight to your mailbox.