About IHMA


Catholic life and doctrine are an essential part of each student’s education at IHMA. Under the patronage of Our Lady’s Immaculate Heart and the guidance of his teachers, the student is led toward the principles and truths that are meant to shape his future. Each year of study brings him closer to the sacred realities that will help him in his choice of vocation and place in society for the world in which he lives.


About us

Located approximately thirty miles north of the Twin Cities, in rural Oak Grove, Immaculate Heart of Mary Academy (IHMA) has provided her students with a Catholic education since 1989. Owned and under the leadership of the Society of St. Pius X, the academy is a non-profit organization deeply rooted in traditional Catholic heritage. Religion is the foundation of school life here at IHMA and is an essential component of all other subjects taught at the academy. IHMA's curriculum is centered around the humanities: language arts, history, poetry, literature, drama, art, music, and Latin. The students are also immersed in the sciences and mathematics. It is here, within the academy's walls, that students grow and mature in the traditional values and principles that are imbued in their studies.  Not only is the mind cultivated, but the students are encouraged to flourish in virtue and acquire those qualities which will enable them to truly live their Catholic Faith. In this way, IHMA strives to foster the skills by which each student will prove to be a valuable asset to the community in which he lives. "If we want to have a good society, we must concentrate all our forces on the Christian education of the young."1

Explanation of Coat of Arms

  • 1St. John Bosco