Faculty and Staff

Learning is a profoundly human process, one best accomplished through patient, qualitative drawing out, rather than mechanistic, quantitative filling up.

The school strives continuously to provide the best possible facilities, tools, and material resources, in terms of texts and an integrated curriculum, simultaneously recognizing that our teachers’ mastery of subject matter, ability to communicate, and, above all, love for our students, are what finally foster a desire for learning in those students. Our curriculum challenges minds; our teachers work with God to form souls.

By opening to them the treasury of human knowledge, teachers strive to inspire students with an ardent love of truth and an increasingly clear vision of their final end. By teaching them to think not only critically but classically, and to integrate that thought into their own actions, an Immaculate Heart of Mary Academy education prepares students both to face the concrete conditions in the world, and to embrace supernatural as well as natural happiness.